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Dusta 00:42
Tamall fada ó shin, Bhí an fhoinn lán de ghuí, Bhí Dia ar an oileán sin. Ach tá siad faoin deannach anois. Agus déanaim gaoth a thógann deannach.
the Bárd 03:42
|   "NOITE" | |  Athbheoigh, guthanna faoin ithir! |  Múscail ón duibheagán. |  Solas arís sa spéir, |  Solas arís ar an talamh. |  Téigh ar ais, finscéalta! I tried to say that, but now it's the 21st century! Traditional is good. Trendy is also good. So good, so good... "What a nonsense agenda!" あへしらふ 掻い破り棄てられしものを 此れを 上がりたる世への 懸想文とす
Evil Ideas 03:52
"What do you think about it?" Compress energy to create eternity, Then repeat this time over and over. Don't let it get away; Don't miss a lairy convey. Evil ideas come down to you, Then you should run. Sow the seeds of anger, And reap the brave with a scythe; Saw the scene of slander, And sweep the grave in a myth. Compress a curse into wrath, And turn it into a earth. Create conflict to create confusion. Dive into the crucible and melt away! Don't let it get away; Don't miss a lairy convey. When evil ideas seizing you, Then you should do that. Sow the seeds of anger, And reap the brave with a scythe; Saw the scene of slander, And sweep the grave in a myth. Show the scene of weeds burn, And keep the crave with a vice; Draw the light of thunder, And sleep in the day of demise.
荒れる風に燒べた、寂し調べは何處。 嘆く波に捧げる奏は、此處に失く。 靑し過去の日々は、疾うに潰えた翳り。 光を棄てよ、さすれば闇も消えるだらう。 虛に墮ちよ、絕望の淵で孤獨を見よ。 缺けし精神にのみ、眞理は語り掛ける。 有象無象のない交ぜの先に、解は眠る、息を殺して。 沈默と雄辯の狹閒にて、應は沈む。 『其の眼を啓け』 荒れる風に熔けた、懷かしき日は何處。 さざめく波に移ろふ虛空は、此處に泣く。 靑し過去の日々は、疾うに汚濁した淸水。 光を拒め、さすれば闇も消えるだらう。 有象無象のない交ぜの先で、全ては涯てる、首を垂れて。 混沌と終焉の境界に、“死神”は坐する。 「其の命を鎖せ」
夜明けの先に輝く丘陵 道示す詩 月の瞬き 忘却のはてに眠る 常久 色褪せた唄 日陰に踊る 過ぎ去りし日に 地を穢した 偉大な力は 神を怒せた 滅びの雨が降り    「我が涙は毒に」 豊穣の地を奪う    「我が声は槍に」 荒れる高波は     「我が心は波に」 生命を飲み込む    「汝らに罰を」 『傲り高ぶるなかれ  地を這う生命よ』 原初の森に潜む 常闇 色付いた歌 響く渓谷 在りし日の記憶 過去を紐解き 亡霊が語りし 歴史を描き出す 嘆きの雨が降り      「我が涙に毒を」 荒れた地を焼き払う    「我が声に槍を」 穏やかな凪は       「我が心に波を」 嵐の前兆のよう      「生命に罰を」 『地を這う生命よ  灰へと還るのだ!』 原初の灰に還る そのとき 真っ白な歌 響け
Nýx 03:17
No one can steal my heart And no one can steal my soul No one can understand my words I won't let you do that, I won't let you down The gentle light is only a clever-deception The truth is always hidden in the dark Any love is the same as a dope It's a bottomless dream You don't know that? Kindness is similar to childish-cheating The truth is always hardest and unkind Any man is the same as a death It's a water bubble I just look down I cross the sky from east to west And bring the dark night to the land Any conflict or struggle disappears to sleep And it will return to a fleeting dream
Fortuna 03:00
Farside 03:17
"No one speaks of her." "And no one know that eyes." "No one can understand her words." "I want to know that, I WANT..." The harsh storm is an ordeal and a true-love. Sorrow is always hidden in the smile. Any pity is the same as a snare; It's a starved spear. "I DON'T KNOW WHY?" Sadness is similar to cry of sea breeze. Justice is always plural and conflicts. Any light is the same as a dark; Can't exist separately. "TAKE TO THE SKY!" I fly in the air, pierce the axis mundi; Beyond the day, time, I stare into the night. Even If everything falls asleep, I want to stay awake. But I will return to a naught, someday.
The Elements 01:20
Keep in the shade, keep the dark Take a break, away from the light Sleep in silence, calm the mind Forget the others and close your eyes The cold wind is freezing your fingertips and trying to kill you Ignore words like icicles, and hide in the darkness Deepen the shade, leap to the barque Pause your work, away from the sight Sink in silence, slant a line Forget regret, and move forward


"Old days"
W xdge rzsdh volyg padcrdm lv L wyfhpg wo.


released June 8, 2020


all rights reserved



Hinode Isuzu / 暘 弥涼 Japan



Hi, folks! I'm 暘 弥涼 (Hinode Isuzu).
I'm a Storyteller from japan!

My name is similar to companies famous for trucks, but I'm not interested in trucks.

I compose spooky songs that blend Psychedelic rock and Contemporary folk, when I'm tired up of writing novels.
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